An Irish pub is only accepting Snapchat résumés. KFC recently held 140-second interviews to fill its manager of digital greatness position. Does it seem like your paper, text-based résumé may no longer do the trick? Check out some of these amazing social media résumés to spark your job hunting creativity By Aleksandra Sagan:


Brennan Gleason, a web and graphic designer, created the résume-ale to promote himself and his design work. The cardboard box holding four beer bottles filled with blond, home-brewed ale is adorned with his résumé. Each of the bottles has a QR code on the label, leading to a piece of Gleason’s online portfolio. The spiffy packaging – each bottle cap even had his self-designed logo – helped Gleason land his latest gig as creative director at Techtone, a digital marketing agency.

The QR code mouth-piece

Victor Petit, a self-described creative working in marketing and advertising, felt a standard print résumé would not be enough to land him a highly sought after internship. So, on the backside of his résumé, he printed a photo of his face with a QR code in place of his mouth. When scanned, the QR code directed prospective employers to a video of Petit’s mouth that could be laid over the photo on his résumé so they could see and hear him speak about his experience.

Facebook profile

Sabrina Saccocio ditched the traditional résumé template and opted for something everyone would recognize: a Facebook profile. When she submitted the resumé to Steve Pratt for a gig at CBC’s Radio 3, he called it “the most creative résumé I’ve seen in years,” on his blog. The profile included the basics—like her contact information and education history. But, also included comments from “friends” recommending her work, samples of content she’s created that had gone viral, and showed off her sense of humour—her relationship status? Married (to her job).


The living résumé

While most people don’t immediately think of Pinterest when they’re hunting for work online, that didn’t stop Rachel King from creating her living résumé on her Pinterest page. On the board, King pinned her résumé, media coverage of her work, and various speaking engagements. She recently accepted the head of communications position at DogVacay, a dog-sitting service.

The Amazon sales pitch

Philippe Dubost seems to know that the point of a résumé is to sell yourself. So, he turned his into an Amazon product page. The page shows off his relevant work experience in the form of reviews, and includes short recommendations from former employers and colleagues—who also happen to give him a 5/5 average customer ranking. How did the unique résumé format turned out for Dubost? He’s currently not available, and it’s unclear when or if the item will ever be in stock again.

The Google search

Experts are constantly reminding job hunters to clean up their social media profiles in fear of the imminent Google search by a prospective employer. Eric Gandhi decided to use the Google Search format in his favour instead by turning it into his résumé. The search term to find his résumé? Creative+Hard-working+Talented+ Excellent Designer+Unique+Autodidactic… and on it goes. The first result reads: Did you mean: Eric Gandhi? His contact information and work experience are found below, ending with some clever Google search suggestions, including “Try Eric Gandhi.”



#Twesume forces job-seekers to sell themselves on Twitter in 140 character or less. The twesume includes a brief synopsis, #twesume, and a link to some secondary material—like a LinkedIn page, YouTube video or perhaps one of the more creative résumé formats from above.