Navigating uncertainty to safeguard brands and businesses.

A single crisis can dismantle years of reputation-building unless you’re thoroughly prepared. Our experts, certified in crisis methodology, help clients anticipate and navigate crises such as cybersecurity threats, public health and environmental challenges, workplace incidents, labor disputes, social issues, product recalls, and activism. We specialise in safeguarding your business from reputational damage.

In turbulent times, effective communication is key to preserving your brand’s trust and reputation. We understand the critical nature of crisis situations. We help businesses to react swiftly and decisively, ensuring messaging remains transparent, empathetic, and clear.

Prepare, respond and recover with confidence, beyond reputation.

Proactive preparedness

We prioritise proactive measures to prepare for potential crises, including conducting risk assessments, developing crisis communication plans, and providing training for key stakeholders. By anticipating potential issues and developing strategies in advance, we empower organisations to respond effectively and mitigate reputational and operational damage during times of crisis.

Transparent + timely

In times of crisis, transparency and timeliness are paramount. We ensure that organisations communicate openly and autehntically with stakeholders, providing accurate information and updates as soon as possible. By maintaining open lines of communication and addressing concerns promptly, we help organisations build trust and credibility, even in the face of adversity.

Crisis Preparedness Assessment

Conducting a comprehensive evaluation of an organisation's crisis preparedness, including risk identification, scenario planning, and readiness assessment.

Crisis Communication Planning

Developing customised crisis communication plans tailored to the specific needs and challenges of each organisation, outlining roles, responsibilities, and communication protocols during crisis situations.

Media Training

Providing training sessions for spokespersons and key personnel to effectively communicate with the media during crisis situations, including message development, interview techniques, and media relations best practices.

Social Media Monitoring + Management

Monitoring social media channels for potential crises, identifying emerging issues, and managing online conversations to mitigate reputational damage and maintain control of the narrative.

Rapid Response Team Activation

Establishing and activating a dedicated crisis response team equipped to respond swiftly and decisively to crisis situations, coordinating communication efforts and implementing pre-defined crisis protocols.

Stakeholder Communication

Developing targeted communication strategies to keep internal and external stakeholders informed and engaged during crisis situations, including employees, customers, investors, and the broader community.

Crisis Simulation Exercises

Conducting simulated crisis scenarios to test the effectiveness of crisis communication plans, identify areas for improvement, and train key personnel in real-time response strategies.

Post-Crisis Evaluation + Recovery

Conducting post-crisis evaluations to assess the effectiveness of response efforts, identify lessons learned, and develop recommendations for improving crisis preparedness and response capabilities moving forward.