Digital Transformation

Future-proofing systems + processes for an evolving world.

Businesses must embrace agility, adaptability, and new solutions. The new world demands rapid change, higher costs, talent shortages, advanced technologies, and a data-driven focus. To stay future-fit, they must act now.

We offer solutions to reimagine your business for today’s normal, leveraging our expertise to tackle organisation-wide challenges with effective solutions.

Transform today for a better tomorrow. Agile operations and buttery smooth customer experiences.

Expert advisory services

We audit, evaluate, and diagnose key areas for migration, redevelopment, or upgrades. We assess your digital maturity, dive deep into specific areas, and formulate strategic recommendations. This targeted approach ensures an efficient and effective transformation by prioritising urgent needs and planning for long-term improvements.

Transformation in action

Implementing your strategy, including migration, modernisation, and business transformation. We support this change with change management processes, ensuring your new business model is fully adopted.

Robust solutions

Digital transformation solutioning is part of a larger journey but can also be offered as a standalone service. This process crafts strategies using design thinking, innovation-driven decisions, and architectural principles to create the best transformation roadmap for your company. The digital strategy is crucial as it bridges your business and IT strategies.

Managed support

Sustaining and measuring your transformation initiatives is crucial for long term success. We offer detailed reporting and ongoing training to ensure your team is equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to adapt and thrive.

Our approach to Digital Transformation

AIPX collaborates with organisations to pinpoint, prioritise, and execute high-impact use cases. This empowers clients to swiftly generate value while showcasing the potential of digital technologies and methodologies for their business.

The process unfolds in three stages:
Innovate: construct a proof of concept and validate the business case
Incubate: introduce a minimum viable product and iterate through agile sprints
Scale: Full implementation of transformation initiatives and technology and business processes. Following an initial wave of use cases, the cycle restarts with the next wave, perpetuating innovation and growth.

Revamping outdated legacy systems with modern, secure, and seamlessly integrated technologies to align with the Digital Transformation imperatives within your organisation.

By modernising your systems, you fortify cybersecurity, streamline operations, and ensure compatibility with the latest technologies and frameworks.

We conduct thorough assessments of your current systems, pinpointing areas for enhancement and crafting a holistic modernisation strategy.

At AIPX, we guarantee a seamless transition by integrating cutting-edge technologies, prioritising data security, and ensuring compatibility. This approach ensures your business reaps the rewards of secure, modern, and fully integrated systems.

Embracing agile methodologies empowers companies to adapt swiftly to change. Therefore, instilling agile practices stands as a cornerstone of our digital transformation consulting.

AIPX ingrains collaborative behaviors and cultures conducive to cross-functional teamwork, iterative development, and rapid learning.

We equip leaders with the know-how to deploy agile methodologies across the organisation while ensuring alignment of governance, processes, and organisational structure with a platform-driven, interconnected operational model.

Digital transformation thrives on evolving and augmenting human capabilities rather than supplanting them.

We help companies in crafting digital talent plans, particularly in areas like data science and human-centered design.

Our services guide them in refining location strategies and striking a harmonious balance between insourcing and outsourcing.

We facilitate comprehensive training, on-the-job learning, coaching, and upskilling from day one, vital yet often overlooked components of digital transformation.

Championing value-oriented governance

Thriving digital transformations hinge on agile, simplified decision-making processes. They rely on the adoption of pertinent KPIs—often novel ones—to track progress toward desired outcomes and the swift removal of impediments.

AIPX’s digital transformation methodologies empower companies to establish a weekly cadence for pivotal decisions (bidding adieu to the month-long gold standard) and implement a robust digital value measurement system.

We guide them in bridging the gap between business and tech realms and in driving transformation from the C-Suite to the front-line; imbuing every level with accountability, responsibility and ownership.

Where we add value

Taking a holistic view of your business, we offer tailored solutions to tackle your challenges. Whether it's a comprehensive business transformation or a phased approach spanning your front office, middle office, and back office functions, we've got you covered.

We add value throughout your organisation to ensure that your digital transformation initiatives leave a lasting impact

Front-line transformation

Strategy: We specialise in aligning customer, brand, digital, and value propositioning strategies with your business and operating models.

Experience Design: Our expertise spans service design, UX design, and CX journey mapping to create seamless customer experiences.

Commerce and Customer Platforms: We leverage leading CRM platforms to enhance your commerce and customer interactions.

Marketing and Sales : We excel in analytics, campaign execution, automation, and sales optimisation to drive marketing and sales success.

Service Excellence: We optimise service delivery, manage experiences, and leverage automation and AI to elevate service excellence.

Operational transformation

Accelerated Change: The 4th Industrial Revolution intensifies the pace of change, demanding agile and digitised service delivery models to meet dynamic demand.

Strategic Operations: Operations are viewed as strategic assets rather than just cost-effective utilities in today’s transformed world.

Industry Knowledge and Insights:
Through a network of experts; we offer both local and global industry insights, empowering organisations with valuable knowledge.

Market Understanding: Our deep comprehension of industry value chains and market dynamics enables us to navigate complex landscapes effectively.

Digital Solutions: Access to solution-led digital assets and applications based on our extensive experience and market trends.

Corporate transformation

Strategic back-office: The back-office serves as the backbone of organisations, offering critical support and insights into overall performance.

Finance as a navigator: Is your Finance function positioned to provide trusted insight beyond compliance, guiding your organisation through uncertainty and fostering resilience?

Leading the future workforce: How does your HR function adapt to the evolving landscape, shaping a workforce where humans and machines collaborate, preparing for the future of skills and capabilities?

A connected digital era: Is your IT function leveraging cloud and automation technologies to enable seamless virtual work in an increasingly connected digital environment, facilitating smooth interactions across your business ecosystem?