Twitter for Marketing

The problem is, Twitter generates 200mm tweets and 1.6b search queries per day. That volume of noise produced is overwhelming, daunting, and hides the valuable information we as marketers should catch. here are the two main challenges i face as a social media marketing manager, and how i solve for them.

Challenge 1: Not Having Enough Time

As mentioned, there’s endless amounts of clutter and noise on Twitter. And as your following grows, you see more and more of that clutter. i need to respond to actual concerns that people have with our product or service. i need to reward and thank those who are sharing wonderful tweets. but all the retweets and side chatter gets in the way.

Solution: Use Time Wisely with Search

Twitter Advanced searches can help me discover what’s important. By searching Twitter for certain keywords, i can catch people who have tweeted “help” and “ApexMedia” in the same tweet. Keyword-specific searches can help me easily identify and prioritize to whom i should be responding. For ApexMedia customers, social inbox allows you to do this seamlessly.


Challenge 2: Dissecting Who to Interact With

Whether you’re a small business owner who can only allocate an hour a week to monitoring Twitter or a large business manager receiving a massive volume of tweets each day, it’s difficult to gauge how to respond to the different people on Twitter. if an evangelist of my brand is sharing our content, I want to favorite their tweets. But if a marketing qualified lead is mentioning my brand, i want to ensure i am responding and engaging in a conversation. It’s my job as a marketer to help ensure I’m maintaining communication with qualified leads to help move them down the funnel.

Solution: Use Context in Your Conversations

There is a strong need for context on Twitter. When i see a tweet mentioning @ApexMediaSA, ApexMedia, digital marketing, or the like, i need to know who the person behind the tweet is so i can respond in a way that’s appropriate. You can do this by cross-referencing a name on Twitter with your contacts database or customer relationship management (crm) software to get context on who the person is to your business. The hubspot social tools allow me to build a Twitter feed of all our marketing qualified leads, evangelists, customers, and so on. This provides me with the context i need to use my Twitter time effectively.