Twitter for Customer Support

When customers want to make their voice heard, they often tweet. After that tweet is sent, the customer may consider that his/her concern has now been heard. But that tweet was sent to the official @brand handle, not to the customer service team. in fact, 56% of customer tweets to companies are being ignored. We’re not listening, and that’s a problem.

Ideally, as customer service reps, we’d like to know about customer concerns before they get upset. by monitoring customer interactions on Twitter, you can spot people trying to figure out how to use your product or service.

There is one main challenge i frequently encounter with customer communication. Let’s dive deeper into that and how to effectively solve it.


Challenge: Customers Don’t Know Who to Turn to

Whenever customers have an issue with a product or service, they don’t actually know which Twitter handle to contact. They end up tweeting directly at the main brand handle, and oftentimes the social media marketing manager of that account isn’t equipped to answer product or service-specific questions.

Solution: Create an Easy-to-Monitor Hashtag

start a program of communicating and teaching customers a hashtag on twitter. by having one consistent hashtag, customers know that a brand’s entire community of customers has one place to communicate. The result is a hashtag that the customer service team can monitor on Twitter in order to respond to only the tweets that matter.

At ApexMedia, we use #ApexMedia, and we make that hashtag loud and clear to our customers in our phone consulting, in our messaging on webinars, and so on. For ApexMedia users, our social media monitoring tools allow you to easily create filters on Twitter for specific keywords and then have mentions of those keywords sent to you via email. That helps me stay in touch with my customers.