Jaun recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Bryan Isakow of ChaiFM. Bryan conducts a weekly interview with young South African entrepreneurs, focusing on artistic, creative careers. He asked a few questions about Apex Media, what we do and where we are going.

Jaun describes Apex Media as a full-service digital agency.

“We handle everything to do with online advertising. From strategy all the way through to execution and reporting on that.”

Asked about his motivation for starting the company, Jaun explains that he studied music for three years and opened a recording studio. He then decided to expand his horizons and employed a developer.

Although clean, neat and accessible Web sites are what he prefers, Jaun maintains that it all depends on what you want to achieve. Web sites must be tailored to the concept of the product or service and the demographic it intends to reach. “It depends what you’re trying to communicate,” he says.

Jaun believes the future of Web development in South Africa lies in mobile and social media. Social media is under-utilised locally and is great for generating hype. However, people must closely monitor content and comments on both social media and Web pages or blogs.

How can people get into Web site development? “You have to have a passion and want to push what’s right. What is great today is not necessarily any good tomorrow.”
Jaun recommends that people who are interested in Web development explore free sources of information, such as Google, before embarking on a formal course at a university or college.

So where to from here? What does the future hold for Apex Media?

“We are going forward, pushing what is right and taking one day at a time.”

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