As a part of our many months of hard work to harden our network, improve stability, and strengthen our systems overall we’ve chosen to move into some new state-of-the-art data centers. This move so far has provided additional stability and redundancy for our customers and our network.

As a part of these improvements we will be shutting down our server in the Los Angeles Airport adjacent (LAX) data center where your site is currently hosted.

Your site will be migrated into our newest data center (located in the US – East Region, in Ashburn, Virginia) within about a week starting from December 7th. During the move you should not experience ANY interruption in service with one exception! If you have third party DNS (your domain does not point to our nameservers) or other services that connect to your domain via the IP address, we will need to update those outside records to match yours.

Once the move has completed, we will notify you via email, Facebook & Twitter and here on our news.

We are very happy to share this great news with you – it will only mean a better and more reliable experience for you.

Should you have any questions or concerns please comment on this message with the details.

Thank you for your continued support!