Looking around the web today you will find some really amazing stuff going on. There are many start-ups, with the help of agencies who are revolutionizing the web and paving the way for a digital, connected future.

These guys dedicate months and years refining and building their platforms and often do it for free and for “the love of the job”.

However, with all this good, inevitably comes some really bad… Take a look at our list of Worst Websites, Ever! and let us know what you think in the comments section.

Ok, this one is dedicated to bad habits and trends found across the internet, but, they did a great job of making this site awful. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself…

Dokimos is a virtual ministry that has several awful pages across their network. This is why you should leave professionals to do their work!

This site is a newspaper that has been opened onto your screen and is a good illustration of what an E-Commerce or any website ever should look like.

Not too sure what Ron Oslund likes, but, we don’t like his website… My opinion is that he got lost in space with his site?

Driver improvement workshops in the USA, maybe someone should call these guys and offer them a website improvement lecture…